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For people who understand English to an extent, but cannot converse in it fluently and are hesitant in speaking English; and also for those who have completed Novice program at Oxford school of English. The mezzo program not only focuses on the stout foundation of English but also deals with the complete approach to the concept of personality which makes the student gain an insight into themselves, a good knowledge of body language, an understanding of grooming and etiquette.

Once you complete the programe, you will have commendable knowledge of English and will be able to shed your inhibitions, speak your mind and impress your audience in English.


Applied Grammar

The Mezzo English grammar course offered at Oxford includes English grammar explanations for basic grammar such as tenses, preposition use, adjectives and adverbs and more. There are English conversation lesson plans for intermediate English learning as well as business English .Each lesson provides an introduction, step by step teaching guidelines and printable student worksheets.

Our Mezzo course not only focuses on improving pronunciation by awareness raising and practice of stress-timing in spoken English but also improves student's speaking skills for job interviews, group discussions and public speeches. The course further helps,build confidence through group and pair activities done by audio video sessions.

Powerful Vocabulary

In our Mezzo course we help the students to build on their existing vocabulary, gradually adding more and more difficult words. The course helps students retain words for a longer period of time as students are taught to use new vocabulary in real - life situation ,using Role - plays.

Students are introduced regularly to important roots and word formation,

adding suffix and prefix .The truth is, and the research done at Oxford shows, students need multiple and various exposures to a word before they fully understand that word and can apply it. They need also to learn words in context, not as a stand alone lists that comes and goes each week.


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