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For people who know English well but want to polish their speaking skills with powerful vocabulary and outshine with their charismatic communication skills. It is also for those who have completed the Mezzo program at Oxford School of English.

On its accomplishment, you will be able to exhibit fluency in English in all its domains, face every linguistic challenge with composure and project yourself as a maestro.


Functional Vocabulary

The classes in Functional Vocabulary for advance students work through a series of receptive and expressive language tasks to enhance communication skills.

We help the students (a) Understand that choice of vocabulary contributes to the style of a text, and relates to context, purpose and audience (b) Understand how vocabulary clues can be used to help extract meanings beyond the literal (c) Understand the concept of synonyms, that different words can express similar or related ideas or qualities, often at different levels of formality (d) Understand the purpose of a thesaurus and be able to use one (e) Understand that the meaning and use of some words changes over time and that new words can be coined (f) Recognise and understand the use of similes, metaphors, idioms and clich├ęs

Power Writing

Our Wizard Writing Power program brings multiple writing skills together to give students practical skills for successful written communication in today's social, academic, and professional settings. The Wizard writing Power program conducted in Oxford classrooms isn't like other writing textbooks. On the other hand it also focuses on different areas of writing, such as fluency, language use, academic writing, or social writing, the program includes all of them to give students practical skills for writing in many different situations.

Our material contains four separate parts that concentrate on four important aspects of writing proficiency. The structure is flexible, allowing the teacher to assign work from different sections of the book concurrently to target the students' greatest needs. Enhancing the flair by learning how to write letters, applications, compositions, graphic explanations, resumes, summaries, paraphrasing.


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